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- About Us -

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Chronic illness Health Awareness 


Dreamed up a place where women can share parts of their lives, connect and inspire each other. A place where I could share how Endometriosis impacts my life. But its become so much more than that !

Its a small Instagram (@endohealthhub) where we share humour of the awful illness, connect and support each other. Send each other messages of love, kindness and inspire change. 

Love being able to connect with women on the other side of the world and discuss how it has impacted their lives. 

Now I get to share a little deeper one what really pushed me to launch Endo Health Hub. Wanted to make the smallest difference, and share education on this topic. It means the world to meet such incredible women along the way! This is all for you, yes you, the beautiful human reading this. 

The proceeds of the Endo Tote bags go towards Raising money for Endo.

The money raised helps contribute towards research, money for local families, and fund raisers. 

The reason for my Edno Belly Cream

Started making this mixture of essential oils and creams after doing damage to my stomach I felt so self conscious! A sense of panic came over me nothing live it was on the market to help us. Heal from the heat damage that endless hours of exposure to  hot water bottles and heat packs do. 

I did what any determined woman would do and researched and researched ingredients and natural ways to heal it! After two years this is the best mixture. 

The only other remedy offered to me by doctor was used in the treatment of skin sun spots. So this is a natural home remedy to heal up Endo Belly

Fighting Endo with humour strength from my family, partner and Endo community. What has lead me to designing these tote bags. Caring around a little something to make you smile, encouraging people to read it and ask questions. 

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