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All in One Endo Belly Cream

All in One Endo Belly Cream

Original Endo Belly Cream No Copiaba: OG

A Natural way to heal heat damaged skin, sooth redness, and help reduce signs of scars. The orginal cream already helping more than 60 people all over the world! Made from quality australian blend of ingredients, and a mix of Doterra Essential Oils.


A calming blend of ingredients to help assist with heat damage caused by hot water bottles and heating pads. A nice thick Vitamin E Cream Base, with geranium, rosehip oil and Aloe Vera Gel, Yarrow Pom and Copiaba oil. No Nasty's. The Aleo Vera Gel Helps Soothe burns, and helps heal the skin.


Tested over a 2 year period, ( On Humans). Comes in a 50g Glass Jar. All orders come with small draw string bags. Please check with Doctor before use if pregnant.


Cream is made to order, and takes 1 week to send out. International Shipping Available allow 3-4 months for delivery. Please email me if you require international shipping

  • Instructions

    Apply cream topically 2-3 times a day to desired area, only to be used externally. Store in cool place. 

  • Returns

    Return Policy - 

    Please email for returns as cosmetics subject to different returns at the moment. 

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